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DIY series

DIY: Gelcoat Repairs

Watch Mitch show us how its done with his 3 part video compilation of DIY: Gelcoat Repairs, the first part of Mitch’s DIY series. 

Boat Maintenance tips

every outing

Regardless of what your boat is made of, its important that your boat is washed down with freshwater after each outing. This ensures you wash off most of that harmful seawater, leaving saltwater on your boat can lead to higher levels of corrosion as well as wear down the polish and gelcoat.

maintaining your boat motor

To ensure you, your family and friends are safe out at sea its really critical to ensure your motor is well maintained. 

  • Check the propeller for chips & cracks
  • Check your fuel lines, these can become cracked and worn over time and should be done once a month.
  • Make sure to have your motor serviced
  • Flush your motor with fresh water after every outing, light hulls motors will corode overtime due to saltwater damage.

every month

If you use your boat fairly regularly or its exposed to the elements you should probably give your boat a thorough wash at least once a month. You’ll want to use warm soapy water with a non-abrasive sponge. 

Keep an eye on your safety gear

Safety equipment can go out of date so its important you check these occasionally to ensure they will be able to operate and be used in the event of an emergency. You should always have equipped Flares, Lifejackets, a Radio and a Fire Extinguidsher. Check atleast every three months that your nav lights are working, anchor isn’t in a bad condition and your EPIRB battery is still in date.

once a year

Treat your boat to a wax and polish at least once a year. Over time marks as well as stains can build up on the hull, you may need to use more heavy duty products and a brush to clean these up. After you have given it a spot clean you can then dry and apply the wax and cleaner product, you’ll want to use a soft cloth and buff until shiny.

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