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Boat Repair, Fibreglass Boat Repairs | Cobalt Blue Marine

a trusted and reputable name in boat repairs

custom Fibreglass Boat Repair

We have been a boat repair solution for many boat owners in Western Australia who have experienced some form of damage to their vessels in some way or another. Cobalt Blue Marine fixes boats restoring them to their original condition. We undertake repairs on your boat very seriously. Our premises and workmanship are fully insured, so even while your boat is on our premises it will remain fully covered. 

our services

  • General Boat Repair
  • Gelcoat Repair
  • Rot Repair
  • Stress Cracks
  • Transom Repair or Replacements
  • Hull Restoration & Hull Structural Damage
  • Gunnel Rubber Replacements
  • & much more
boat repair

boat restoration

Full restoration, customisation and modification of your boat, we can and have done it all. From yachts, fishing boats, catamarans, boats of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch to discuss your project and see how we can help assist you to realise your vision.

rot repairs

The owner of this Haines Hunter had his transom modified for this engine a year ago. This wasn’t the best option as the transom is now flexing quite a bit and showing signs of failure. They got in touch with our team to perform some much needed Transom repair.

Unfortunately the original transom has rot, we removed the outboard motor and cut out the rotted timber from the original transom and replaced it.  After this we fibreglassed it all back in and did a re-gelcoat on the outside. Looking
brand new and will last for years.

Rot Repair
gunnel rubber replacement

Gunnel rubber replacement

Over time and with use gunnel rubber will wear down, Cobalt Blue Marine can replace your gunnel rubber. Here we have replaced the gunnel rubber on the Quest Maritime Services sealegs boat. Get in touch to ask us about getting your gunnel rubber replaced.

gelcoat repairs

Cracks, chips, star fractures in your gelcoat can all be fixed to look like new. We were down at Northport Marine in North Fremantle making repairs to a Power Cat. Trailer boats to cray boats, luxury motor yachts, no boat is too big or small.

repairing gelcoat

30+ Years Experience

Satisfied Customers

Trusted and Reputable

fully insured

you can rely on us

to get your boat ready for summer